Expensive advertising Facebook. Price of advertising on Facebook or otherwise pricing of advertising on Facebook. There is no simple answer. Of course, Facebook fan page lists the price of the ad, the price of advertising the post, the price of advertising images or video. The ad management panel you have access to information as pay for reaching the expected group of people within the selected number of days. But this data is expected. I can say at the outset that it is not useful. The easiest way would be to understand what I'm saying just by yourself try to test two ads for example. Pebble post with a photo and the words blah and reply with an amazing photo of a very encouraging short introduction. Set on one day, the minimum rate. In addition, in the first case of influenza does not set a target in the second case set a target adapted to the post (I do not know what you write because I do not give specific instructions here). You will find that you will pay about $ 2 for both advertising. With this, the first is not effective and the other is not. In the first case, the number of likes the article and the number of comments will be minimal. In the second case I assure the effect will be much better. So you can not give a clear answer to determine whether it is expensive advertising Facebook. If you come across a website which gives only the bare facts (price list Facebook) it is as if you do not know anything.

Expensive advertising Facebook Considering this statement is not with respect to the unit price dependent on

the choice of audience and time and in relation to the effectiveness of the price of advertising on Facebook is very variable. I personally experienced a situation where he was promoting two entries. The price paid for the same but the nominal unit price much lower. I explain. From my observation that Facebook offers to reach, say, 100 people. If you promote an article which was not successful it turns out that actually End the campaign of 100 people and cost price advertising / 100 people. If, however, promoted article was successful, she gained notoriety this situation varies considerably. Each person who liked this article may share (and provides) the next person. Soon it turns out that we reached over 10,000 people. Final price is the price of advertising on Facebook / 10,000 people. That is nominally the same but the effect (in terms of reaching persons) much less.

Promoting on Facebook - the correct understanding

In my thinking about advertising and in this case about advertising on Facebook, which I presented in the above explanation is correct. You can not think in terms of simple, ie. The price of advertising on Facebook is x so is expensive / inexpensive. You need to think about advertising as an effective / not effective. So now you can tell the way advertising / cheap advertising. Effective advertising is always cheap. This statement must realize deeply.

The cost of advertising on Facebook

Another issue that must be considered are the sources of advertising on Facebook. I refer here to my previous posts about buying on eBay or another auction site advertising Facebook fanpage. I also wrote about buying Facebook likes. In this case, I can confidently say that the price of advertising on Facebook is huge. This is due to negligible effectiveness. Overall, I would say that the effectiveness of advertising purchased on eBay is no. In summary - you can spend a million dollars on eBay and reach less than $ 100 spent on buying advertising through Facebook. Therefore, I advise to buy ads on Facebook and not on auction sites. I remember also that you will lose money buying Facebook fans on auction sites.

What is the cost of advertising on Facebook?

To summarize this article must be emphasized that the final price of advertising on Facebook is very variable and depends only on you. This issue, I hope that clearly explained earlier. The question is how to create an ad on Facebook to be effective and therefore cheap (you will not have Expensive advertising Facebook). To this question I answer in the next article.

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